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A unique franchise concept 


Trilingual Method

The P’titCREF has invested since its creation in the development of a unique method allowing the child to follow the nursery school programme in 3 languages, this learning 2 additional languages.

After School Activities

Large range of extra activities for holiday and after-school especially appreciated by busy parents:
Languages4Kids: School of English;
Les P’titsPLUS: Extracurricular activities;
Holiday Camps.


P'titCREF Materials

Exclusively designed for the P’titCREF kindergartens.

Real Life Learning

Learning take place naturally, through play and real life situations. This is one of the basic pedagogical principles at P’titCREF.

A 3 in 1 Curriculum

The curriculum combines the official programme of the 3 countries of these languages, in an original way around varied and educational theme.

Which languages for your centre?

Our materials and teaching methods have been designed in the following 6 languages:
English, French, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Ukrainian and can be combined, depending on the school location.

Your P’titCREF nursery can be teaching in those languages for example:




Arabic and other languages can also be developped, depending on demand.


the standard of their future

Trilingualism has been proven to allow a child’s cerebral development by promoting neurological connections. P’titCREF offers children a fantastic openness of mind from the youngest age by being interested in other cultures. Since everything in a child’s life is played before the age of six, it is an advantage for their future life.


2 formulas to fit in to your market.

P´titCref Club

P´titCref Original

Upper / Upper +


Middle / Upper 

From 200 sqm to 400 sqm


From 300 sqm to 1500 sqm




1 Group by age range.


Family´s Group (Multi-age Group)

City centre & wealthy suburb of capitals.


City centre & Suburb of provincial cities.

Expats, Bilingual families, Local & International Companies.


Locals, Bilingual families, Local & International Companies.

Your Business Opportunity

Quality pre-school education, much sought after by parents.

Enroll a child at P’titCREF provides a remarkable opportunity to learn languages in an exciting and playful environment according to a well-structured programme.

P’titCREF kindergardens combines a profitable and stable business based on a unique concept with a great return on investment.

In crisis situations, experience shows that the segment targeted by the P’titCREF is less sensitive to economic downturns than other brands. it is an important factor of stability and readability.

High-income customers from local, expatriates, bilingual families, International companies and Embassies etc.

Our contribution to your success

We are here for you

We are an international team, available for you and to help you to carry out your project from the early beginning to the full functioning of your kindergarten.


Extensive training & Quality control

Training departement for directors, teachers and assistants with a strong quality control policy.

Brand Name

Benefit from the P’titCREF brand name and its reputation.

Interior Design Guidelines

Our interior design for your premises. Bright and attractive for the well-being of the children.

We have especially created a brand book to help you out with the interior design of your centre.

Materials and Methods

Exclusive use of teaching methods and materials:

For the trilingual kindergarten and also for the integrated language school “Language4kids” and extracurricular activities under the brand “Les P’titsPLUS”.

Recruitment of Native Teachers

For the first year, we will carry out the recruitment of the native teachers (included in the franchise entry fee).

From the second year, help and advice will be available at all times. Recruitment by P´titCREF is available at an additional cost.

Access to the P'titCREF Intranet

The P’titCREF Intranet is used for:

– Group management.

– Payments´management.

– Contacts´management.

– Administrative and teaching resources

– Online store for P´titCREF materials.

Commercial and Marketing

A local web page where you can display all the information relating to your centre with an optimised SEO

– Social Network pages.

– The Brandbook for each trademark.

– Catalogue of printed or web materials.

The Premises

The P’titCREF design has been created by interior designers to provide a space adapted to the teaching of young kids in a warm and modern atmosphere.

​The concept of a P’titCREF kindergarten needs premises of at least 300m2 and up to 1500m2 with access to a playground.

Would you share our values?

  • At P’titCREF, we truly believe in the Trilingual education that we deliver.
  • We love creating successful businesses, building a new team and working together transparently and communicatively.
  • At P’titCREF, the franchisor and franchisees must respect the rules of the franchise, communicate information honestly and sincerely.
  • As an investor, the franchisee has a clear long-term vision and the means to consolidate his business, especially during the first year of activity.
  • Above all, at P’titCREF, we love working with young children and their parents.




Frequently Asked Questions

How much an investment is needed?

For a P’titCREF CENTRE Approximately between €350,000 & €750,000. Banks usually finance such projects up to 80%. Hence the franchisee needs a liquid asset of  min. €70,000 – €150,000.

For a CLUB P’titCREF  Approximately between €90,000 & €190,000. Banks usually finance such projects up to 80%. Hence the franchisee needs a liquid asset of min. €18,000 – €38,000.

What is the entry fee and royalty fee?

For a P’titCREF CENTRE , entry fee : 25 000 €;  royalties 5,5% of the turnover.

For a CLUB P’titCREF, entry fee : 7 500 €; royalties 7,5% of the turnover

What qualifications do I need? How will you train me?

The profile of the P’titCREF franchisees is very diverse, some were teachers, others were professionals from other sectors. All of them have been convinced by the P’titCREF method and have found the right balance between running a profitable business and working in an educational environment with young kids. In any case, training for the manager will cover commercial, marketing and group and teachers’ management.

How long is the franchise agreement?

from 5 to 9 years.

Once I sign the franchise contract, how long before I can start?<br />

Usually in a few months, depending on how much work is needed in the premises.

Once I sign the franchise contract, how long before I can start?<br />

Usually in a few months, depending on how much work is needed in the premises.

Do you provide help with lesson planning?

Yes, we provide all the weekly lesson plans.

Do you grant exclusive territories?


How much money can I earn?

The net profit is usually between 15 and 20%.
(Please note that your individual results may differ. This is no assurance you’ll earn as much).

How much money can I earn?

The net profit is usually between 15 and 20%.
(Please note that your individual results may differ. This is no assurance you’ll earn as much).

Does the owner have to run the school?

The owner does not have to run the P’titCREF kindergarten.

Will you help me hire native teachers?

Yes, for the first year, we will be hiring for free the native teachers for the franchisee. From the second year onwards, the franchisee can either ask us to do the hiring process again which has a cost, or do it by himself using all the tools we’ll be providing for free.

Can I transfer the franchise?

Yes, but we will need to validate your choice.

Where will I buy all the supplies? Will I have to buy certain supplies from you?

We will send you a list of al the supplies, and where to buy them.

The P’titCREF materials will have to be purchased from us. All the other materials can be purchased from independant suppliers.

Do you charge for training?

Most of the trainings are free. If an additional training is needed outwith the normal schedule, then the training will be charged.

Can I have more than one franchise?

Yes, but you will need to prove yourself as a franchisee, then we will be happy to see how you want to expand the business.

We’ll be pleased to hear from you

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Other Countries
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